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Port Cask – 700ml

Single Malt Whisky



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This is a single malt, single barrel Australian port cask in a 100 litre format aged for around 5 years and is a fantastic example of a great Australian whisky

Enjoy as you please, neat or with a drop or two of water.


Fruity notes interwoven with a subtle hint of oak, ripe red succulent cherries and dark fruits such as juicy plums and caramelised dates.


Full flavoured dark fruits like plums and raisins, accompanied by a subtle hint of oak, revealing a delightful balance of dark chocolate, dried fruits and a touch of caramelised toffee.


Distinctive notes of rich, sweet red fruits, velvety chocolate, vanilla, golden syrup and a luscious sweetness that lingers.

Non-chill filtered natural colour and flavour.



Batch Information
Size 700ml
Batch number 01
ABV 50%