Recoopering – Our Process

In the heart of our distillery, a meticulous process unfolds – the art of barrel recoopering. With passion and precision, we breathe new life into every barrel, ensuring that the spirits we create are nothing short of exceptional. Let’s take a journey through the steps that make our spirits truly remarkable.


Barrel Disassembly: Our journey begins with the careful disassembly of each barrel. Every stave and hoop is scrutinized, setting the stage for the transformation to come.


Scraping Away the Past: Gently, we scrape away the remnants of yesteryears, removing impurities and preparing the staves for the infusion of flavours. This step is crucial, for a clean slate ensures the purest interaction between wood and spirit.


Toasting: We toast the barrels to perfection. The choice between light, medium, or heavy toasting allows us to craft and refine our flavours, teasing out the subtleties hidden within the wood. Heat dances with the natural sugars, creating a symphony of aromas.


Charring the Heart: Following toasting, the barrels are carefully charred. The dance of flames within the barrel imparts character, depth, and complexity to our spirits. The char levels – light, medium, or heavy – define the soul of the barrel, shaping the final taste profile.


Preserving Nature’s Essence: Crucially, we abstain from using water after charring. This decision, born of respect for the integrity of the wood and the flavours it holds, preserves the natural essence of our spirits. No dilution, only pure, unadulterated character.


Maturation: Now, the charred barrels eagerly await their precious cargo – new make spirit, fresh from our stills. Patiently, the spirit matures within the wood, absorbing the intricate flavours, colours, and aromas that define our signature creations. This transformation occurs within barrels of various sizes: 100 litres, 120 litres, 200 litres, 225 litres, 250 litres, and 300 litres, each imparting its unique touch.


A Symphony of ABV: We monitor the process diligently, ensuring that the spirit matures to perfection, reaching an optimal alcohol by volume (ABV) of 64% to 65%. This careful control yields spirits that are harmoniously balanced, smooth yet bold, and rich in character.


In the alchemy of recoopering, we find artistry and science intertwining. Every step, from disassembly to maturation, is a testament to our dedication to crafting spirits that captivate the senses. With each sip, you experience the culmination of our expertise, the essence of the barrel, and the spirit of innovation. 

Our Barrels

At our facility, we take great pride in our exquisite selection of barrels, the richness and bold flavours of Australian fortified wine barrels, in our opinion these are amongst the best in the world 


Antique Barrels with a Rich History: Our specialty lies in antique barrels, each with a unique story to tell. We meticulously curate barrels that have previously cradled fortified wines, imparting them with a distinctive character and depth. These barrels have a fascinating history, having aged some of the finest wines, making them a cherished choice among connoisseurs.


Age Range: Our collection boasts a wide range of barrels, spanning from youthful three-year-olds to venerable 70-year-old specimens. This diverse age range allows our customers to explore a variety of profiles, from the vibrant notes of youth to the complex and nuanced flavours that come with age. 

Melbourne’s weather pattern with the rapid fluctuations in temperature cause our barrels to contract and expand swiftly, allowing our whisky to absorb the rich and delectable flavours from the oak staves. It’s this unique climate that gives our whisky its distinct character, making every sip a truly memorable experience.

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