Passion for Whisky

Back in 2018, two mates who share a passion for camping, dirt bike riding, fishing and other outdoor adventures were sitting around a campfire and made a life changing decision.  It was time to take their dream of making/crafting their own whisky into a reality.

Eager to start, they embarked on a whisky making course in Tasmania, immersing themselves in the art and science of distillation.  And boy was this a life changing experience!

Little did they know that this moment would set the stage for the birth of Westernport Single Malt Whisky, a journey seven years in the making.  They honed their skills, delving deep into the intricate nuances of both brewing and distillation.

To fuel their newfound passion, they made significant sacrifices. They parted ways with their holiday houses, boats, bikes, and other cherished toys, channelling every cent into their venture. Determined and undeterred, they broke ground for their distillery on a momentous day, June 25, 2018 in Blind Bight, on the shores of Westernport Bay in Victoria.

Deciding that they wanted to be a little different to other whisky makers, they decided that antique barrels were what was required.  Combining almost 100% Australian ingredients, mixed with some of the best water in the world from the Thompson Reservoir, whisky production commenced.

David and Scott also decided that they wanted to create their whisky from beginning until the end.  The entire whisky making process is done by them.  They brew, distil, maturate, re-cooper and bottle the product themselves.  They even put the labels on the bottles and hand stamp the bottle stoppers.  They had to take a course in coopering to learn how to create the perfect barrel for their whisky. And they asked a local mate to make a branding stamp to burn their logo into the stoppers.

Welcome to the story of Westernport Distillery – where dreams come to life, and every bottle tells a tale. 


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